Sharon's Son's Journey: Caregiver to Advocate artwork
Island Treasures

Sharon's Son's Journey: Caregiver to Advocate

  • S5E7
  • 55:00
  • April 5th 2024

Dr. George Ackerman is from Brooklyn, N.Y. Now residing in Florida, he works in the fields of law, police, and education. George lost his mother, Sharon Riff Ackerman on 1/1/2020 due to Parkinson’s Disease.

George and his family started TogetherForSharon® to honour his mother by keeping her memory alive; and to share the message of Parkinson’s Awareness and hope for a cure.

Today TogetherForSharon® reaches thousands of individuals across the country for Parkinson’s Disease Awareness. George currently interviews individuals throughout the Parkinson’s community including various foundations, caregivers, and Parkinson’s warriors to help share their stories and causes, uniting voices in the fight against Parkinson's Disease.

George was his mother’s caregiver. She lived with Parkinson’s Disease and late-onset dementia. He takes his experiences now from caretaking to advocacy. Advocacy for caregivers, folks living with Parkinson’s Disease and those striving to find a cure.

This episode is airing just in time for National Parkinson’s Awareness Month and at the time of our taping, George was getting ready to meet his hero, Michael J. Fox. George and TogetherForSharon are huge supporters of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. 

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