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Island Treasures

The Unplanned Journey

  • S3E20
  • 47:12
  • October 7th 2022

Breeda Miller is a story teller and a caregiver who is able to share her caregiving experience through the lens of story and good humour.

People who care for others are often the worst at caring for themselves. Breeda calls herself a recovering caregiver, caring for her mother for 6 years, including hospice care in her home. She is a professional speaker and a wonderful storyteller. In fact, her stories have been broadcast on The Moth Story Hour on NPR and one of her videos went viral (in a good way) and got over a million views. She is able to combine stories with creative problem-solving ideas. She has found that good humor is the secret sauce to her success and to yours. She has written two award-winning books all about self-care. 

After two successful books and years of professional speaking Breeda has recently done something that scared the living daylights out of her. She has written and performs a one-woman play, called Mrs. Kelly’s Journey Home. It’s the story of her family’s immigration from Ireland and her journey as her mother’s caregiver as she developed dementia. It’s filled with heart, humor and lessons about what really matters. She’s a native Michigander who lives with her family, including two adult sons with cognitive impairments in a drafty old farmhouse with a spectacular screened porch, her personal refuge.

For more information on Breeda, her play and resources, check out her website

Island Treasures

As caregivers tell their stories they will share encouragement and insights to the listeners who may be in the midst of their own caregiving journey. It is a source of wisdom, encouragement and empowerment for caregivers so they do not feel they are alone. The idea for Island Treasures came during the pandemic as a means to reach caregivers in their homes where they may be feeling frustrated, isolated and alone; and needing a boost of encouragement. The guests share how they're managing their own caregiving journeys and what resources they have found especially meaningful so they could cope and even thrive during challenging times for caregivers. Encouragement and hope are both key goals of the podcasts. You may also find moments of joy and laughter mixed in with the realities of caregiving. The podcasts highlight caregivers of folks with dementia, Alzheimer's or other chronic illnesses, as well as elder parents, those providing care to a child or family member with special needs, and also guests who provide resources specific to caregiving: elders and dementia and caregiving tips and strategies. The podcasts are brought to you by Alongside Caregiver Consulting and if you find you are struggling and in need of supports, tap into Alongside Caregiver Consulting to see the resources and services available.