It's all about the Bacalhau a' Lagareiro
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the Bacalhau a' Lagareiro
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Marije Passos / van den Boogaard

Founder of EVOOSOMMELIER & Partner / Founder of PASSEITE

 See website for more detail: https://www.passeite.com/

After Marije graduated Industrial /packaging design engineer at the “the Hague University” in the Netherlands. Marije is a trained Olive Oil Sommelier by IRVEA, Wenceslão Moreda & Mauro Martelossi, and continued her training and experience by attending additional workshops and education by Doctor Gino Celletti & Francisco Pavão. Marije is one of the first Dutch female Olive Oil experts. Marije has been teaching and consulting retailers and consumers about selling and appreciating high quality olive oils for 4 years. Marije Currently owns and manages “Passeite, taberna do azeite", a tavern dedicated to Portuguese olive oils based in Coimbra and building our own olive oil brand Passeite with a farm in Condeixa-a-Nova. Marije is dedicated to produce and promote traditional and natural farming and trying to put Coimbra district back on the high-quality olive oil production map.

Marije brings us our main for the harvest celebration: Bacalhau a' Lagareiro

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