It's all about the oil, Andre' and Edgar
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the oil, Andre' and Edgar
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Andre' and Edgar have been 'lifelong' friends however it is over the last few years they have decided to combine their energy and skills to manage and produce their award winning extra virgin olive oil. Working under the group name Soresa (http://www.soresa.pt/), 

An exceptional geographical location, Soresa cultivate about 70

hectares of land in the northeast of Portugal, in a region where the

climate and soil are conducive to the growth and development of a

wide variety of plants. Allied to these particular conditions Edgar and Andre' have a tradition and knowledge

of how to enhance nature to get the best quality products.

In terms of processes, we have a concern to make them more environmentally

friendly practising increasingly sustainable agriculture.

For more information please follow the links: www.azeitecaixeito.pt or email [email protected]

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