It's all about the oil, Antonio. artwork
It's all about the oil, Olive.

It's all about the oil, Antonio.

  • S2E10
  • 36:27
  • December 31st 2019

Our final conversation for 2019 is with

Antonio Lauro

is an EVOO consultant, educator, journalist and panel leader from 1995 in compliance with IOC rules.

For the ARSAC Calabria, Antonio has participated in many national and international projects.

Since 2003 Antonio has been teaching courses for professional tasters of EVOO and was professor in several master courses (national and international). Has written numerous publications on the EVOO industry and sensory analysis. Invited speaker in the most important EVOO conferences, has conducted EVOO seminars in Italy and other EU members, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, China, Israel, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, USA. Instructor of Olive Oil Sommelier School (OOT Education Lab & ICC) and Sensory Assessment of EVOO. Is founder of EVO IOOC Contest, Prim’Olio, and TerraOlivo.

Antonio is Panel Leader of OLIVINUS and was Juror of JOOP, OLIVE JAPAN, Athena IOOC.


It's all about the oil, Olive.

It's all about the oil, Olive: Interviews and discussions with folks working on bringing you this beautiful and wonderful elixir. News, Health, Nutrition, Politics, you'll find them all 'hear' with my excellent guests.