It's all about the oil, Fil
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the oil, Fil
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For almost 20 years, Fil Bucchino has been a passionate communicator and an avid promoter of extra virgin olive oil. One of the few tasters residing outside of Italy enlisted in the National Directory of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experts. He is also enrolled in the international Register of ONAOO Professional Tasters. Fil hosts and co-produced the award-winning documentary “Obsessed with Olive Oil”. In 2016, he founded Abandoned Grove as a means to restore the connection to the olives groves. Fil collaborates with Toronto's top culinary personalities and institutions, he is a steady fixture as a judge in international olive oil competitions and contributor to the Brazilian Olive Oil Guide. Also, Fil holds a BSc in BioMedical Sciences and recorded and toured as a professional musician for almost a decade. Through his work Fil seeks to protect the Grove; family, friends, culture, community and wellness. 

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Instagram @filbucchino @abandonedgrove @obsessedwitholiveoil

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