It's all about the oil, Ioanna
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the oil, Ioanna
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Ioanna was born and raised in Athens but was always visiting and spending time in the village where Ioanna's family comes from; the village of Akrata, North Peloponnese, 

As I child, Ioanna spent all her holidays with her grandparents, who were farmers and they taught Ioanna to love and respect the land that is hosting us.

Ioanna studied Communication and Mass Media in Athens and Political Sciences in Siena. Ioanna worked as a journalist in the most popular television shows and after a while became a television presenter.

As a mother of two, it was hard to combine motherhood and journalism, so Ioanna decided to leave her job and raise her wonderful children.

When Ioanna's children were old enough, Ioanna decided to change her career path and become an award winning extra virgin olive oil producer. Ioanna had to learn everything from 'scratch' and founded 'My Precious Olive Tree' (www.mypreciousolivetree.com) - a Greek olive tree adoption program- aiming to share my heritage with the world.

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