Its all about the oil, Lincoln
It's all about the oil, Olive.
Its all about the oil, Lincoln
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A bit about Lincoln..

After growing up on a farm in Alabama, Lincoln became a professional dancer, which took him around the world before he settled in Cologne, Germany.

In the past 20 years, he has founded a dance studio, a performance art company, a translation agency and a family there.

He now splits his time between the Rhineland and Greece’s Mani peninsula, where he is pursuing his latest passion—Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In our conversation, we cover a wide range of topics, in which Lincoln always views through a positive prism ...one of the joys of this conversation at this time of year.

During our conversation we talk about; Lincoln's translation company https://www.align-media.com/, the ONAOO course www.onaoo.it, the Olive Oil Sommelier course that Lincoln attended in California www.oliveoilschool.org and Lincoln's father's positive influences on Lincoln's life

Outlets of Lincoln's father’s organic Produce.: www.the607csa.com, www.grownyc.org

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