It's all about the oil, Margarida
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the oil, Margarida
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Margarida has a great passion for Nature! Since her childhood, Margarida was stimulated to look for natural solutions health problems. Due to the Portuguese countryside where she lives (and still does) resorting to nature and native flora were a constant source of inspirational remedies . ANÁHBIA (Margarida's company) emerged from the need to find in the market natural hygiene and cosmetic products, more simple and made of plants that we find in Alentejo’s countryside. The link among all products would be olive oil, our “liquid gold”, given its fantastic properties and its worldwide renowned quality. 


Margarida has a BSc’s degree in Food Engineering., and after concluding my degree, she did a training on phytotherapy, organic agriculture, essential oils, skin care therapy, and more recently cosmetics regulation.

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