It's all about the oil, Maria
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the oil, Maria
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Maria da Conceição Menéres Manso, Bch in Food Engineering and PhD in Biotechnology from the Faculty of Biotechnology in Porto, Catholic University.

Associated professor at the Fernando Pessoa University in Porto, Faculty of Health Sciences where Maria teaches courses on “bio-statistics” to the pre-graduate level or “advanced statistics and experimental design” to post-graduate level students. In the past, courses on “food technology” or “food biotechnology” for the Nutrition degree were also part of my teaching life at this University.

Maria also helps maintain a farm – not alone! Maria is one of the associates – Sociedade Agrícola Alberto Manso Lda. (SAAM), near Alfândega-da-Fé (Trás-os-Montes, Portugal). SAAM is a Family farming house tracing its history back to the early beginnings of the 18th century, and has been registered as a corporate entity in 1993. The estate concentrates in olive oil production (PDO azeite de Trás os Montes and organic certified), pastures for livestock and cork, all made according to organic farming. Maria is also one of the associates of the Young EVOO Producers (YEP)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006938766096

Website: www.casadevalpereiro.com email: :[email protected]

For a brief tour of the estate please follow the link below..


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