It's all about the oil, Mustafa
It's all about the oil, Olive.
It's all about the oil, Mustafa
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Mustafa was born 53 years ago in a coastal small town in the North-Eastern Aegean, famous for their olive oils, historically supplying the palace of the Ottoman Sultan. Mustafa's grandfather was an immigrant from the island of Kos, who established an olive plantation and an olive press factory early in the 20th century there. Mustafa's father continued the business but then things changed, and he had to move his family to Istanbul. Mustafa was four then. His parent's sole focus was then, to give their kids the best education possible, which they did. Mustafa attended universities in Turkey and Canada and had a wonderful professional career now for 30 years, in blue chip global companies. Inspired by the mastery and perfection of whisky blending, When Mustafa was working as an expat in the spirits industry, he decided to replicate it for his personal passion, the olive oil industry. Hence, nine years ago, Mustafa established a plantation with local and immigrant olive types. Today, still working for one of the leading cosmetics companies in the world, managing their Turkish business, Mustafa manages his olive farm in the background, and perfecting the olive farm's processes in the meantime.

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