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Justice In His Kingdom

Confronting Canadian Caesars

  • S1E11
  • 1:35:28
  • March 22nd 2022

In this episode of Justice in His Kingdom, Roger Oliver and Jerri Lynn Ward interview Dawid Pawlowski, Polish-Canadian, street preacher, Christian activist and brother of Artur Pawlowski. Artur came to the attention of Christians in the United States when he ordered police trying to shut down public worship out of the building. Before and since then, Artur and Dawid have suffered the persecutions of Canadian Caesars determined that there should be "no god before them."

You can learn more about the ministries of these brothers in the movie "Street Advocate."

The music for this podcast is Holy is the Lord by Simon Khorolskiy, with his permission. You can listen to his music here.

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