Human Trafficking:  Advancing Justice through Regeneration and Reconstruction artwork
Justice In His Kingdom

Human Trafficking: Advancing Justice through Regeneration and Reconstruction

  • S1E7
  • 1:01:08
  • September 15th 2020

Roger Oliver and Jerri Lynn Ward interview Tim Yarbrough about his efforts against the scourge of sex trafficking. Learn Biblical strategies for advancing the Kingdom and bringing God's justice to victims.

Tim lives in the county where he was born and raised and always lived with his wife Deborah. He has been a serial entrepreneur for over 4 decades and a dedicated mentor to others.

At the local level, where Tim's real passion resides, he and other local Christians have developed processes for (1) the care of widows and seeking to recover that care back within the framework of the family; (2) the care of abused women and children from inside the religious world (mostly Protestant) including immediate care, housing, Biblically-based counseling, job training, work opportunities, etc. (3) helping rescue victims of sex trafficking by working on the ground and with legal teams, (4) the creation of an adoption program where the goal is that all abandoned babies throughout their North Alabama area will find permanent acceptance within a committed Christian family, and (5) supporting orphans in a variety of applications. 

Justice In His Kingdom

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