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Kendra After Dark

Untamed Self-Care.

  • S4E64
  • 44:48
  • January 3rd 2021

Today I sit down and chat via zoom with the owners of Untamed Wildflower. Kaleigh, Angela, and Jakseni recently launched their business and are already available in a smoke shop and dispensary up in Phoenix. Untamed Wildflower is a female owned and operated company that creates handmade self pampering products. Each of the companies co-owners have such diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common, a desire to provide quality and natural products to our community. We discuss how they created this idea and product as well as discuss various methods of self care. Time to sit back relax and enjoy this weeks episode of Kendra After Dark. 

I hope you are all staying safe and happy. Peace, Love, and lots of Weed!! 

Kendra After Dark

I created this podcast for all of us "stoners" who were or are in the closet about their cannabis use. Real life topics with real life opinions and thoughts. I'll be visiting local dispensaries and picking up something fun for each recording. You'll get and honest review and where to find it. Each week tune in with a brand new guest host and learn about their life and connection with the cannabis community or society in general. It's time to end the stigmas surrounding everyday issues. Time to shed some light on what we do (or don't do) in the dark.

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