E14 - Sports and Shirts with Morris Lilienthal artwork
Lawyers With Lives

E14 - Sports and Shirts with Morris Lilienthal

  • S1E14
  • 24:29
  • April 27th 2020

In this episode of the Lawyers with Lives Podcast, Birmingham attorney Morris Lilienthal (https://www.martinsonandbeason.com/) joins host Steven Lefkoff (https://www.lefkofflaw.com) to talk about working out, training with his son, and his novelty t-shirt collection.

Lawyers With Lives

On Lawyers With Lives, we’re talking with practicing lawyers around the country about their hobbies, interests, and side jobs. This is not a podcast about automation, SEO, efficiencies, practice area, revenue goals, or accolades. This is a podcast about what makes lawyers happy. Being a lawyer can be tough and sometimes draining. What do you do that makes you happy and recharges your personal batteries? That's what we're talking about on Lawyers With Lives.

The first episode of the podcast dropped on Monday December 16, 2019 and episodes are scheduled to drop bi-weekly thereafter.

Hosted by Steven Lefkoff, a business litigation and general practice attorney and the owner of Lefkoff Law, a boutique law firm located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, just a few miles north of Atlanta. Steven's hobbies include barbecue, traveling, saving money by using online coupons, comparison shopping, and maximizing cash back and credit card rewards, and attempting to fix things around his house (though his wife would tell you that his attempts only cause them to spend more money on "real" repairs).