Riding the AI Wave with Microsoft CoPilot artwork
Leading IT - APAC Insights

Riding the AI Wave with Microsoft CoPilot

  • E56
  • 39:06
  • March 12th 2024

Tom and Josh explore the transformative potential of Microsoft Copilot in IT leadership and provide expert insights into leveraging Microsoft Copilot for strategic advantage, navigating challenges, and unlocking new opportunities in the IT landscape.

Leading IT - APAC Insights

The podcast for CTO's, CIO's and people leading IT.

This podcast is hosted by 2 leaders in the Australian Technology sector - Tom Leyden CIO of residential property firm LongView, and Josh Rubens Managing Director at IT Consultancy Empyrean.

They take an informative and conversational look at topical IT matters on a monthly basis. They discuss key topics such as; IT strategy and digitisation, AI, Cloud computing, IT  security, IT infrastructure, Vendors, and people leadership. 

Each episode reviews industry news and takes a deeper look at IT vendor strategies and innovation with special guests and experts on various topics.