Jim Routh: Downstream Consequences artwork
Lessons from the School of Security Hard Knocks

Jim Routh: Downstream Consequences

  • 35:56
  • September 22nd 2021

Today's Guest is Jim Routh, Advisor & Investor at SYN Ventures.

While stepping away from full-time CISO duties, Jim Routh hasn't slowed down. In this episode, Jim tells us what he's been doing since leaving Mass Mutual, what he looks for when engaging with new companies, why he began working with startups. He also discusses the differences between serving as the CISO of larger versus a smaller organizations, his unique hiring strategy, the greatest needs from the private sector, and as always, his toughest lesson learned.

Lessons from the School of Security Hard Knocks

This podcast is about global leaders and their toughest lessons from the security domain. Remember, it's a Hard Knock life!

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