• S2019E63
  • 27:01
  • February 4th 2019

Feral & Free-Roaming Cat Programs

Cody has a passion for improving the lives of community cats through TNR and return-to-field programs. She has been involved in animal rescue for over eight years starting her career at the Denver Dumb Friends League before moving to Sarasota FL to join Cat Depot’s team. She is involved with pet surrender, works with organizations on transfers, coordinates the foster program and oversees the community cat program at Cat Depot in Sarasota FL.

Cat Depot is one of the most creative and innovative ‘green’ cat adoption centers in the nation. Cat Depot’s mission is to save lives, find loving homes and provide resources and education to improve the destiny of homeless cats. Cat Depot is a nonprofit, free-roaming cat center helping homeless, abandoned and injured cats and kittens, Last year they adopted out over 1400 cats and kittens. They also have a low-cost vet clinic called the Rose Durham Cat Care Clinic that is open to the public.

The TNVR program, (trap, neuter (or spay), vaccine, release) helps control the birth of unwanted free-roaming cats. Through sterilization, they help control the birth of unwanted kittens. Vaccinations help prevent disease in cats and, with the aid of a microchipping technology, they intend to eliminate unnecessary killing. The microchips will ensure the cats safe return to their community caregivers should they be picked up by Animal Services, who currently euthanize cats in a trap without a microchip. In addition, the senseless killing of kittens due to overpopulation at animal services will be reduced, if not eliminated.


The Let's Talk Pets Story

Patty combines educational resources and feel-good stories each week with the main focus on lost pet recovery and pet retention, pet safety, pet health, training and more.

Patty shares true stories of lost pets that are reunited with their owners, veterinarians offering important pet health advice, rescue groups sharing information about their organizations, trainers sharing tips on problems pet owners face, pet health and anxiety issues and different pet products and services among other topics.

Patty is the Founder & President of Lost Pet Services, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets. Her organization has helped reunite thousands of pets in the Sarasota/Manatee counties FL area since 2013 and funded tens of thousands in medical care to strays and owned pets.

Lost Pet Services Facebook group has grown to over 41,000 fans and continues to grow by 100s every month. It is her mission to educate others on systemic lost pet recovery methods and ways to keep our pets safe.

Remember, a lost pet can’t tell anyone where it lives, so it’s up to us to help them.

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