Designing Effective Pay Structures Part 1 artwork
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Designing Effective Pay Structures Part 1

  • S1E1
  • 28:23
  • March 15th 2021

An organization's salary budget is its biggest expense and managing it is not easy. The salary scale of an organization is its single most important tool to not only effectively manage pay, but also bring transparency and clarity to its people. Join Birches Group's Senior Marketing Specialist, Bianca Valencia, as she interviews Mancel Francisco, Birches Group's Lead Salary Scale Design Specialist, and Neil Corvite, Birches Group’s Senior Salary Scale Design Analyst as they continue their discussion about why having a balanced and well-designed salary scale is essential for every organization. This episode brings insight to managers and HR practitioners about the importance of having a well-designed salary scale, the cost implications of adjusting the salary scale against the organization’s budget, and how Birches Group’s Salary Scale Design Report helps organizations better understand compensation design. 

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