Let's Talk About Work: Introduction artwork
Let's Talk About Work

Let's Talk About Work: Introduction

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  • 10:27
  • March 14th 2021

Let's Talk About Work is a podcast series produced and presented by Birches Group.

Work has never stopped evolving and we’ve been studying it for decades. We have studied the interconnectivity of jobs that makes teams teams; we know what it means to build multidisciplinary organizations and to celebrate everyone’s contribution to the mission. We have the tools. We can help you.

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Let's Talk About Work

Let's Talk About Work is a podcast by Birches Group. Birches Group is an HR consultancy firm that specializes in providing integrated workforce management solutions to organizations around the world. We provide a unique combination of hands-on experience, broad-based knowledge in managing international human resources programs, and designing and implementing innovative and practical policies at some significant global institutions.

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