Adventures and Advancements of Marlowe Brand artwork
Living Legacy Leadership

Adventures and Advancements of Marlowe Brand

  • 26:01
  • May 23rd 2021

Our last interview of Marlowe Brand was 5 years ago as a recent college graduate. He’s been living, working, surviving, and even thriving in the Big Apple since, even in the midst of a pandemic. We’ll uncover his insights and strategies for career advancement, self-management during the Pandemic and how he is sculpting a life he loves and a future in which he wants to live. (Check out His mother, host Donna Kim-Brand, is darn proud. 

Living Legacy Leadership

Donna Kim-Brand is a Creative Brain Trainer and Legacy Strategy Coach, as well as speaker, and author of 7 books. Through her company, ‘Game Changer Thinking’, Donna works with leaders and their organizations to uplevel Thinking, Creativity and Mindgility for consistent value-creation and results-focused collaboration. She has a soft spot for later career professionals who don’t intend to be rocking- chair-retirees but aren’t yet sure how to make the most impact with their lifetime of skills and expertise. Donna is pioneering the concept of Living Legacy, where you live an epic life on your terms while also adding value and creating impact as you go. After all, the life you live is the legacy you leave.​