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Living Yoga with Darren Main

Yoga and Islam

  • 37:03
  • March 7th 2019

About 3.5 million Americans and nearly 2 billion people worldwide identify as Muslim. How can Muslims benefit from yoga? Is yoga a complement to or in conflict with Islam? What can the broader yoga community do to make the yoga space more welcoming to Muslims? In this podcast, Sameera Qureshi—a prominent Muslim yoga teacher will address these many other questions.

About Sameera
Sameera Qureshi is a Muslim yoga teacher and prevention specialist based in the Washington, D.C area. She is the Director of Education and Training for a national nonprofit that empowers Muslim communities to prevent sexual violence. Sameera is passionate about infusing Islamic spirituality into evidence-based programs for her work in the violence-prevention field and within her role as a yoga teacher.

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