Ep09: Lifting the veil with Nate from Before You Apply artwork
Looking For Work Podcast

Ep09: Lifting the veil with Nate from Before You Apply

  • S1E9
  • 41:28
  • May 30th 2021

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at the company you’re applying for?

When you’re looking for work, a lot of variables are at play that will inevitably determine if one application will turn into your next opportunity. But it’s not that easy. A lot of companies do well at gatekeeping their culture, whether it’s intentional or not.

As you navigate the interview process, questions come up and gut checks need to be in place so that you’ll know whether or not you’re setting yourself up for success. Nate and Before You Apply, help you get a closer look at transparency, culture and the future of work.

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