Alice Frazier and Chauvon McFadden - 4/2/2020
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Alice Frazier and Chauvon McFadden - 4/2/2020
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If you own a business or have been impacted financially by COVID-19, this is an episode that you'll want to listen to carefully. I'm happy to talk to two of my favorite Loudouners...Alice Frazier from BCT, the Communities Bank and Chauvon McFadden from Crimson Wealth Strategies. Alice is President and  CEO of Potomac Bancshares, Inc. and BCT, The  Community’s Bank. Chauvon is the Principal of Crimson Wealth Strategies. If you benefit from this episode, please call another business owner, in Loudoun or not, and tell them to listen because these two great people dropped some serious knowledge and inspiration today. 

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