Special Interview with International Dating Expert Mairead Molloy artwork
Love Machine with James Preece

Special Interview with International Dating Expert Mairead Molloy

  • E108
  • 39:47
  • June 6th 2022

Your Chance to Hear Unique Insights from a Relationship Expert with Over 20 years Experience

In this very special episode, James chats with Mairead Molloy. Mairead is the Global Director of Berkeley International - an elite introductions agency

You'll hear all about how she got started in the dating industry and what's she learned about helping singles over the years.

You find out why singles are more confused than ever and have lost the ability to simply enjoy dating. You'll hear why gameplaying has caused so many problems and why it's time to relax.

It's a really fun interview with lots of great information for you to enjoy.

You can find out more about Berkeley International here:


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