The Positive Effects of Covid on Dating - with Laura Smyth artwork
Love Machine with James Preece

The Positive Effects of Covid on Dating - with Laura Smyth

  • E39
  • 32:44
  • February 8th 2021

Did You Know that Finding a Match During the Pandemic can be a Positive Experience?

In this episode, James is joined by the founder of the "Matchmade in Scotland" Dating Agency Laura Smyth and is sponsored by Twisper the Positivity App.

Together, they talk about:

Why more and more people are ready to commit to a serious relationship

Why Singles have become choosier about speaking to people who have the same values but less fickle about not so important issues

Why they are not dating as many people as they were before so the lack of choice and options gives them the ability to commit to one person. 

Why the Dating process is slowing down

Plus much more!

Do have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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