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The Science of Finding a Good Man -with Dr Mairi Macleod

  • E68
  • 36:48
  • August 30th 2021

Are you struggling to find a partner?

In this new episode, James talks with Dr Mairi Macleod who is the found of Dating Evolved .

She explains lots of fascinating things including:

  • How she came to be using an evolutionary approach to help women in picking the right man 

  • How she found her new husband

  • The importance of matching in mate value – and how it’s about reprioritising rather than “settling”  

  • Traits that are worth going for and how to come to desire the good guys  

  • Tips on approaching online dating  

Dr Mairi Macleod is an evolutionary biologist, consultant, speaker, and science writer. She is pioneering the use of an understanding of our evolved preferences and motivations to inform how we can change our behaviour, environment, habits and attitudes to better suit our needs in the modern world. She applies this in relationships and in the workplace, and she has a special interest in helping single, older women find a quality partner – having been through this challenging process herself. 

You can find out more about Mairi through her website

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