S2E7 -The Road NotTaken artwork
Making Fun of MacGyver

S2E7 -The Road NotTaken

  • E36
  • 1:14:22
  • August 5th 2021

Toniiight, a nun and some orphans are in need of rescue by MacGyver from murderous soldiers in Southeast Asia. Will it be Sam, Mike, or Jeff that has the real-life story that mirrors the plot of this episode? And what does it mean when someone screams "BULGARIA!" at you?! Join us as we recap, review, and ridicule Season 2, Episode 7, "The Road Not Taken," from 11/10/1986.

Making Fun of MacGyver

A rib-tickling takedown of our favorite adventure TV show from the 80s, MacGyver! Join Sam, Mike and Jeff as they dig unnecessarily deep into each episode of the series and - perhaps - learn a little something about friendship too.