[Bonus] Spotify Buys The Ringer, Facebook Builds an AR Map of the World, and the CIA Is Spying on You... artwork
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[Bonus] Spotify Buys The Ringer, Facebook Builds an AR Map of the World, and the CIA Is Spying on You...

  • S2E94
  • 16:00
  • February 13th 2020

Ep #94 - Ep #94 - This is a Marketing Geeks Bonus Episode with marketing news updates recorded on February 11th, 2020. In this episode, we cover Spotify's recent acquisition of "The Ringer" which is a sports podcast network run by Bill Simmons and what it means for Spotify's question for audio world domination. 

Additionally, we look at Facebook's recent foray into augmented reality (AR) and why they've aquired an AR startup that is working on a 3D rendering of the entire physical world. We'll talk about the thought process behind this move and Andros will share some opinions about a certain CEO of Facebook. Plus, we look at upgrades to the Twitter ad platform, a story where the CIA was selling encryption services only to spy on users of it, and news that Jeff Bezos is presently trying to depose President Trump in a court filing related to a cloud-based Pentagon contract which was controverisally awarded to Microsoft. We break down all these stories and more in this week's bonus edition of the Marketing Geeks Podcast.

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