Nick Norris, College Professor and Marketing Entrepreneur, Talks the State of Social Media Marketing... artwork
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Nick Norris, College Professor and Marketing Entrepreneur, Talks the State of Social Media Marketing...

  • S2E89
  • 1:07:10
  • January 10th 2020

Ep #89 - College professor and marketing entrepreneur, Nick Norris, joins Justin Womack and Andros Sturgeon on the Marketing Geeks Podcast to discuss the changing landscape of social media marketing and college education. Nick serves as a full-time professor at Ventura College where he teaches several business courses including the social media marketing course, the public relations course, and one on business management.

Beyond his work as a college professor, Nick is also the owner of his own business, ID Marketing & Design, where he run a full service marketing agency aimed at serving small to medium sized businesses.

In today's episode, we talk about Nick's approach to teaching social media marketing as well as what he's learned from the standpoint of being a professor. It's a great interview and fun discussion so listen in and enjoy.

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