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Dave Hillis: Working On The Birth Of Grunge Music

  • E68
  • 1:19:25
  • November 17th 2021

After signing his first record label deal at the tender age of 17, as a guitarist and writer with legendary thrash metal band MACE, Dave Hillis set his sights on the production and engineering side of the music business, where he was engineer for legendary producer Rick Parashar, at London Bridge Studios, Seattle. It was there that he engineered for grunge-pioneers Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Candlebox, to name a few.

Now living in Pittsburgh, Dave works as a producer and engineer at the Vault Recording Studios.


  • How to successfully network in the music industry
  • What it was like to be working behind the scenes during the birth of grunge music
  • How to achieve the snare sound on Pearl Jam’s “Ten” album
  • How to create studio albums that sound like live albums
  • Using drum samples to trigger reverbs
  • How to find the right drum samples to use in your productions.

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