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EP 44: Lij Shaw (Recording Studio Rockstars)

  • E44
  • 1:42:07
  • August 26th 2020

Recently, I was a guest on episode 193 of the Recording Studio Rockstars podcast with Lij Shaw. In this episode we covered a lot of ground about the process of recording and mixing music. I also shared some of my story and background, which I haven’t previously discussed on the Master Your Mix Podcast. Thankfully, Lij was gracious enough to let me share this replay with you today so you can hear for yourself.


  • The six important stages of every mix
  • Switching from hardware to plugins
  • Reverb vs delay
  • The problem with looking for problems in your mix
  • How to EQ vocals
  • Getting the low end right in your mix
  • How strumming techniques can make a big impact on your guitar tone

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