EP 48: Tim O’Sullivan (Leonard Cohen, Rayland Baxter, Billy Corgan) artwork
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EP 48: Tim O’Sullivan (Leonard Cohen, Rayland Baxter, Billy Corgan)

  • E48
  • 58:14
  • October 14th 2020

Tim O’Sullivan is an engineer, producer who has worked with many amazing artists including Leonard Cohen, Karen O, Rayland Baxter, Billy Corgan, SWMRS, Fidlar and so many more. He has had quite the career in audio so far; having worked at Undertone Audio where he was responsible for wiring consoles and cables, to becoming the studio manager at Eric Valentine’s Barefoot Recording studio.


  • The odd technique used to record drums with Queens Of The Stone Age
  • Using saturation in your mixes
  • Working with Eric Valentine
  • Breaking the “rules of audio”
  • How a single cable drastically altered Slash’s signature guitar sound
  • Where to start when it comes to finding clients

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