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EP 58: How To Work On More Projects You Love (With Alex Crescioni)

  • E58
  • 1:07:36
  • September 8th 2021

Alex Crescioni is an audio engineer, music producer, and mixer based in Los Angeles. where he operates Stygian Sound studio in the legendary Sound City complex. He has collaborated with Meegs Rascon, Richard Patrick, Tim Palmer, Chris Collier, Sin Quirin, Diego "Ashes" Ibarra, Mike Wells, and Bill Metoyer. He also worked with artists on Nuclear Blast Records, Napalm Records, Wind-Up Records, Craft Recordings, Cleopatra Records and many more.


  • Doing more of what’s best for you vs following a “traditional path” in the music industry
  • Audio college: Should you go or not?
  • The importance of establishing your role before starting a project
  • Building your niche in the industry
  • Collaboration vs competition with other engineers: Why turning down projects and giving them to others can actually be a good thing
  • Why writing in Guitar Pro can diminish the quality of your songs
  • Alex’s approach to working with templates
  • Using an All Buttons In template vs a Starting Point template: How they differ and when to use one vs the other
  • Alex’s technique for getting more control of the low end when mixing bass
  • Clipping: Why hitting the red is actually useful sometimes

To learn more about Alex, visit: https://www.alexcrescioni.com/

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