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How To Create Wide Mixes (With Chris Baseford)

  • E59
  • 1:17:42
  • September 15th 2021

Chris Baseford is a Canadian producer, engineer, & mixer that has worked with top artists like Nickelback, Shinedown, Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee/Motley Crue, Avril Lavigne and several world-renowned producers and songwriters. Before going freelance, he worked for Sony Music and The Chop Shop Studios.


  • How to dial in guitar tones that give you wider mixes
  • Double-tracking vs quad-tracking guitars: which is best?
  • Stacking guitars: how to decide on which tones to use
  • Should you bother mixing for mono?
  • Using drum samples: How to make your snares sound huge
  • Chris’ new amp sim plugin: The ML Sound Lab CB4

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