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Maternal Wellness -- Valda Ford

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Maternal Wellness -- Valda Ford

Healthy Mothers! Healthy Babies! Healthy Communities!

A Podcast of the Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium

Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium (MBRC) provides a place for supportive information and education on topics to support healthy mothers, healthy babies and a healthy community. Host Valda Ford is a Registered Nurse and Public Health expert who knows that knowledge is power. Valda will interview guests ranging from local, state and national experts to individuals with powerful stories that address the disparities in infant and maternal mortality. They will discuss the joys, pains, triumphs and tragedies of motherhood, childbirth and how to get the community involved in health for all. You will hear of ways to be your best self no matter where you are in the journey and you will learn how to know when to reach out for help and to be your own best advocate!