MC with MEi

It seems the Master of Ceremony is always the last thing every function remembers to plan for. It is frightening how many times shows start late, run long and are otherwise mismanaged when it comes time for the actual show! I am a master of Ceremonies and have been since 1996. I have developed many techniques for engaging and holding audiences of all sizes. I make massive gatherings feel intimate and, conversely, give smaller settings a larger-scale feel. The vast majority of inquiries into my services are started at the committee level when they have had an awful experience with a FREE host that is likely from the board or committee itself. They find out fast that there is a huge difference between a “cut-up” at work and someone who can control and lead an evening of events that has taken months for you to plan. As a result I am rehired by almost everyone who has ever tried me that first time. But I cannot be everywhere and host everything (as much as I’d like to because I love to do it so much), so this podcast will help prepare you or your next choice for Master of Ceremonies for your event. But I warn you, I am also a comedian so this will be a lot of fun; if you were hoping for a dry, almost black and white sounding presentation....well, that’s just not the kind of Master of Ceremonies you need anyway.

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