How Common is Osteoporosis artwork
Menopause Management - Dr. Barbie Taylor

How Common is Osteoporosis

  • 24:05
  • April 4th 2021

No doubt you’ve heard the word “osteoporosis.” And, you might even know what it means. But, do you know how common it is? Do you know how many women have it, how many have fractures because of it, or how its numbers compare to other diseases? Well, I’ll tell you all these things in this podcast

Menopause Management - Dr. Barbie Taylor

Dr. Barbie Taylor, also known as “Menopause Barbie,” is an Obstetrician / Gynecologist who retired from active practice in 2001 due to severe arthritis. Despite the fact that she had a law degree and a master’s in business at the time of her retirement (she’s a real nerd and loves school), her true passion has always been helping women.