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Before Chaos

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Mercury's Wake

Mercury's Wake podcast by Stephanie Vlahos is an audio drama based on the mystery novel.

A white Cadillac stands like a sentinel in the New Mexico desert. In it is a book about an astronaut on his first mission to Mars. How that book becomes a bestseller is bewildering; how it impacts those who read it is a mystery yet to be unraveled.

Before Chaos tells the story of seven strangers whose chance encounters tip their lives into unexpected directions.

"The monster emerges out of the mire, spewing grim heartbreak in a voice fractured by whiskey and cigarettes. Tragedies are all the same except, maybe, how they came to be. But no one cares about that."

Over a long weekend, strangers converge in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Peculiar weather events, UFO sightings, paranormal experiences, and real-life tragedies (suggesting an even larger reckoning) transform ordinary people into extraordinary visionaries for they discover innate powers that touch the mind-bending unknowns in our universe while solving deeper mysteries about themselves.


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Stephanie Vlahos
Author of Mercury's Wake.

I'm a storyteller. I draw inspiration from my career journey as professional opera singer, performance artist, mentor, and writer/stage director. Arguably, the deepest impressions made along the way were the fascinating people. Mercury's Wake is a unique work in that it is “author-illustrated" with lyrics and original music. Music is my version of painting.

The Audible features freely-conceived songs in the style of cherished "standards." For me, adding music is like adding a watermark, but more importantly, if all of us have a soundtrack for our lives, why not a novel?

As a Professional Opera Singer and Actor Stephanie Vlahos was known as "The Moonlighting Diva" in Los Angeles with her Performances of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill.

Working as a Writer and Director she cites meeting both Dr Seuss and Rod Serling as 'influences' from her childhood. Fast forwarding past the Twilight Zone - welcome to Mercury's Wake.

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The full book in paperback, hardback, kindle or audio book is available via Amazon.