6. B2B Influencer Marketing with Sabrina Meyers artwork

6. B2B Influencer Marketing with Sabrina Meyers

  • E6
  • 39:03
  • May 5th 2020

Influencer marketing is by now a term most people in the travel industry are familiar with.

However, most of that is associated with millennials, highly edited images on a beach with turquoise waters and #lovemylife. 

A new breed of influencers in the B2B space is emerging slowly. 

In today's episode, we speak to eventprof and B2B influencer and vlogger (video blogger) Sabrina Meyers, out of Cologne, Germany. 

We talk about influencer marketing, what it is, experiences with influencer marketing strategies, and more. 

Sabrina Meyers is clearly well-spoken and knowledgeable and shares a lot of wisdom in this one! This is another great episode!


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