Blood sugar shockers! What I learnt from wearing a blood glucose monitor artwork
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Blood sugar shockers! What I learnt from wearing a blood glucose monitor

  • S4E71
  • 22:56
  • February 9th 2023

You're probably being sabotaged by your blood sugar on a daily basis - without realising how it's affecting you.

If we want to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally (and protect our health from chronic disease) managing our blood sugar is an absolute must.

In this episode, I share how my brain, mood, energy and productivity were massively impacted by the 45-year bood sugar rollercoaster I was on.

You'll also hear how wearing a blood glucose monitor gave me some surprising insights into which foods cause my blood sugar to spike and crash.

I've shared 4 delicious breakfast recipes that will keep you full until lunchtime:

You can see a graph of my blood sugar after eating two crumpets in this blog:

You can find out more about Theia Health here:

Here's my client Debs who cured her headaches, calmed her anxiety and lost weight, primarily by getting her blood sugar under control:

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