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How to attract positive energy into your home

  • S2E42
  • 1:15:38
  • May 31st 2021

After many years of thinking about it, I've finally taken steps to sort my home's energy out!

I was recently privileged to have Elizabeth Wells visit my house for a Feng Shui consultation. Elizabeth is an internationally accredited practitioner of the Feng Shui Society and an advanced practitioner of the Feng Shui Academy, having practised in the UK, France and the US. 

I'm so excited to bring you this conversation with her because, as you'll hear, the whole experience has been very eye-opening for me!

I love Elizabeth's straight-talking honesty. She pointed out many things to me that I really needed to hear as I was struggling to know where to start in getting on top of clearing my home.

Amongst many things, you'll hear us discussing the effect of trapped negative energy on our wellbeing; dealing with clutter (a big problem for me personally!); the electro-magnetic fields that surround us; and how our environment can help us find our meaning in life.

Elizabeth shares practical, achievable tips on how you can start to make your home a place of positive energy so that you feel your best under your own roof.

You can find out more about Elizabeth at:

I loved this conversation so much and think you will too!

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