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Midlife Illuminated

How to live a meaningful life

  • S2E33
  • 1:18:14
  • January 25th 2021

My conversation this week is a very deep dive with one of the wisest people I’m privileged to know. Ruthie Portnoy is a Couples Therapist, EFT Practitioner and Life Coach. She’s also mother to nine kids! 

Ruthie's dream is to empower individuals and couples to find their best selves and to enjoy a more loving, rich and meaningful life.

She is the person I turn to whenever I have a struggle that I need help with. She’s the person who helped me when I got very stuck in grief when my Dad passed away. She is a teacher, a guide and an inspiration to me - and to countless others. I hope you’ll be as inspired by her as I am. 

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Midlife Illuminated

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I've learnt the hard way how to thrive in midlife. And now I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learnt with you.

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