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Midlife Illuminated

Natural remedies for balance, calm and vibrancy

  • S3E57
  • 1:09:01
  • February 21st 2022

I really loved this conversation with the incredibly upbeat, sunny Nikki Hill.

Nikki shares lots of gentle, accessible inspiration for you to care for your own wellbeing - using simple, natural, joyful methods that require little money, time or energy.

We chat about how you can tap into the healing, hormone-balancing, restorative power of herbs - and introduce self-nurturing rituals into your life that will help you to better manage stress.

Nikki is the founder of Nikki Hill Apothecary. She is a fully qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist.

Nikki loves to work with women who are struggling with their hormones and periods and are looking for a natural solution to help ease their symptoms and improve their overall wellbeing.

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