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Midlife Illuminated

The story of how I fell apart

  • S3E53
  • 1:09:27
  • December 27th 2021

Many people assume that I've always been an upbeat health coach with a picture-perfect, healthy lifestyle. But that is very, very far from the truth and I really feel it's important for my listeners to know that I have previously sunk very low.

In this special, end-of-year episode, I swop roles and am interviewed by my friend Kate Moryoussef. Kate first met me when I was an overstretched mother of two very young children and was managing a small PR consultancy which somehow grew into a very large, all-consuming business.

In our deeply frank conversation, I share what state I was in 10 years ago and 20 years ago - two extremely challenging points in my life. I am brutally honest in this episode and share some things I haven't previously talked about in public.

You'll hear me talk about spending a year in a toxic work environment that left me ill, underweight and traumatised; my guilt at not being there for my children when they needed me; my PTSD following 9/11; my spiralling grief when my Dad passed away; and making a radical decision that transformed not only my health but the whole course of my life.

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I really hope that listening to my story helps you to have a fresh perspective on your own past - and, even more importantly, your future.

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