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Midlife Illuminated

The transformational power of dancing

  • S3E61
  • 1:08:48
  • April 18th 2022

This episode is a total joy. It's a conversation with my dear friend Debbie Hilton and it's all about something which comes naturally to all of us - but which most of us don't often do as adults. Dancing!

It's beyond question that dancing is medicine. And it's medicine that we all have a right to benefit from.

I feel truly privileged to be able to experience the joy of dancing in Debbie's classes. As I'm not a natural dancer and even struggle with my left/right, I'd feel really intimidated going to most classes - but Debbie is really passionate about making dance accessible to EVERYBODY. I've seen for myself what a simple one/two step to music can do for people's wellbeing on every level. It's no overstatement to describe it as magic.

You'll hear us chat about:

  • The astonishing health benefits of moving to music, including preventing and even reversing dementia.
  • The huge boost to our mood and mental resilience that we get from moving our body to music.
  • Dance as a moving meditation which helps us to get in the moment and gain perspective on the challenges we're facing in our life .
  • How dancing increases our self-confidence and helps us to love the body we're in.
  • Why we need to keep nurturing our child-like spark of creativity
  • Simple ways to benefit from the magic of dance from your home - whatever age, shape or size you are.

Debbie is pure inspiration and I promise that you'll feel differently about your relationship to dance after listening to her.

Debbie is an actress and performing arts teacher. She trained in ballet and modern dance at The Northern Ballet school and then studied musical theatre at Guildford School of Acting. As well as working as a performer, it has been her privilege to coach many people ( aged 5-80 ) in performing arts.

Debbie is deeply passionate about performing arts as a tool for improving health and wellbeing. She believes that, by tapping into and using our innate creative spark, we can gain more vitality and joy in life - and stay young!

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