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Midlife Illuminated

I saw the light! Here's how.

  • S4E68
  • 19:56
  • December 29th 2022

Welcome to my first episode of Midlife Illuminated, in which I share a deeply personal and profound experience I had recently.

I've learnt a lot this year about the magic that happens when we grant outselves space to listen to our own inner wisdom.

I hope that listening to me gives you licence to trust your own voice - and to discover your own happy place.

Alongside listening to me on this podcast, you also have the opportunity to be supported by me in person. I invite you to join me live at Peppermint Pause - a sanctuary in the month for stressed-out midlife women to feel calmer and more positive. You can find all the details and book your place here - I hope to see you there!

Join me at my monthly Peppermint Pause: https://peppermintwellness.co.uk/peppermint-pause/

You can also find me here:






Midlife Illuminated

Welcome to Midlife Illuminated!

I’m Suzy Glaskie, Functional Medicine Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness.

I've learnt the hard way how to thrive in midlife. And now I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learnt with you.

I hope that this podcast helps you to rediscover your own light - and start to shine.