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What we need to know about the menopause and food

  • S3E65
  • 56:57
  • June 20th 2022

It's not news to most women that their bodies can be ruled by their hormones!

But what is less well known is that food can help balance out our hormones and keep us on an even keel.

My guest on this episode, Charlotte Hunter, has been a registered and qualified Nutritional Therapist since 2010. Since then, she has helped many men, women and children to eat well and be healthy. Her firm belief is that food can be healthy and delicious, and can support a number of medical conditions and issues.

Having gone through an early (surgical) menopause herself, her focus now is helping women to navigate the menopause.

As I'm in the perimenopause myself, I'm keen to be armed with as much knowledge as possible to help my body stay balanced through this time of my life. I loved chatting to Charlotte for her unstinting honesty and her lovely way of explaining hormones in a way people can understand!

In this conversation, we chat through ways in which women can help themselves. We also talk about weight gain - and why I (even as a healthy eating health coach!) gained over a stone in weight in 2020.

Our levels of collagen (which is essential to keep our skin, bones and joints healthy) plummet in menopause. The collagen I take daily is Known's Advanced Collagen Supplement, which has a 98% absorption rate, due to its leading-edge formulation that includes liposomal Vitamin C. It also tastes delicious! Wellness Unwrapped listeners can get at 20% discount off their first order by using the discount code Wellness20 here:


Find out more about Charlotte here: https://charlottehunternutrition.co.uk/

Find me here: https://peppermintwellness.co.uk/





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