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Midlife Illuminated

Why feeding your soul is key to your health

  • S3E52
  • 55:05
  • December 13th 2021

This episode cuts right to the heart of what healthcare can (and should!) look like. It's so much more than simply treating disease - it's about helping people to live their fullest life.

Dr Kristi Hughes is one of the truly visionary doctors I was privileged to learn from as part of my studies to become a functional medicine health coach. I know that you will be as inspired by Kristi as I was: it's impossible not to be positively affected by her enthusiasm.

In this episode, you'll learn how past events may have impacted on the current state of your health; how changing your lifestyle factors can transform every aspect of your existence; and how you can move forward to a fulfilling, meaningful life of vibrant health.

Kristi talks very openly about her own personal battles and how she has reinvented her own life over the past few years.

(Warning: Kristi speaks very movingly about the suicide of her brother. )

Dr Kristi Hughes has dedicated her life and professional path to the study and practice of root-cause medicine. She graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Oregon and launched the Center of Natural Healing Arts in Minnesota in 1997. 

Over the past twenty years, her participation in medical education has taken Kristi around the world. She served as a Director of Medical Education at the Institute for Functional Medicine for a decade.

She became a Functional Medicine Health Coach (after years on the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy advisory board) to further her skills in the coach approach to transforming lifestyle behaviours.

She now owns and operates DocereVita, the private practice where she offers personalized naturopathic and functional medicine healthcare consultations.

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