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Midlife Illuminated

Why getting creative helps you to flourish

  • S2E29
  • 52:44
  • November 30th 2020

As someone who has always classed herself as "rubbish at art" and "not very creative", it's been a revelation to me to witness the transformative effects of getting involved with creative activities.

Not only can getting creative help to massively boost your self-esteem and self-image...it can even stop you bingeing on chocolate!

I met my guest, Paul Pickford, when I pushed myself way, way outside my comfort zone by attending a life drawing class last year. Paul was the teacher at that class - and he's been an inspiration to me ever since.

Paul is an award-winning illustrator and animator based in Salford. As well as contributing artwork for books, comics and magazines, he has devised and led visual arts workshops - including working with young people, families, adult and community groups. 

Paul has worked with wellbeing charity Start Improving Lives and as part of Greater Manchester Mental Health Services Recovery Pathways team.

Check out this fantastic video which shows how creative activities can transform the lives of people who are struggling with their mental health.


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